Win a FREE Pooh Collectible

Win a FREE Pooh Collectible


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Win a FREE Pooh Collectible

I LOVE connecting with other Pooh fans! It is great to know there are other cRaZy Pooh peeps out there!

So, I've started a YouTube channel and share my Guinness World Record collection, talk about Pooh expotitions and chat about where to find Pooh memorabilia. Plus...


All you need to do to enter the Never Enough Pooh contests:
  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel -
  2. Click on the contests link under Never Enough Pooh
  3. Watch the episode and answer the question correctly
Entries with correct answers will be eligible to win a FREE Pooh collectible in the drawing at the end of each month. You may enter once per episode (even older episodes!)

Tell all your friends and relations to sign up for my YouTube channel and play today!!