About Us

The owner of the Hunnypot Store, Deb Hoffmann, is the Guinness World Record Holder of the Largest Winnie the Pooh Collection currently at 20,000+ unique Pooh memorabilia items.  Deb is always on the lookout for new Pooh items to add to her collection.

At times she will find Pooh collectibles that are already in her collection.  These are the items sold on the Hunnypot Store.  Many times these items are "previously loved" or in used condition.  Please realize that unless an item is marked in NEW condition, the item may have some wear. They are also most likely the only item like it in stock so we can not offer replacements or accept returns.

Feel free to contact us before making a purchase with any questions about an item.

New Pooh items are items Deb found that she knew true Pooh collectors would want so she will buy a small quantity to put in the Hunnypot store.  However, if you like it, buy it now because chances are the item will be gone soon and not come back into stock.